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In other news … there is nothing puzzling about Sunderland’s Outer Stylie or the band’s confirmed April 16 Horse engagement. It’s a straight up CD release party for the freshly-minted Puzzle full-length, and quite simply, the disc is outwardly awesome. Tracks like opener “Beyond the Dawn” and “Addicted” evoke aural images of everyone from Soundgarden and Zeppelin to Incubus basted in Black Label Society sauce. And there’s definitely something Phishy going on with “Artist’s Plight.”

The Daily Hampshire Gazette

April 16, 2016


Outer Stylie is a heavy, psychedelic, explosion of sound located in Amherst, MA. Although steeped in hard rock influences they take the listener to grounds and heights not often achieved by other rock bands. Never to submit to the clichés of rock ‘n’ roll, they are also influenced by the sensibilities of jazz and classical music, the freak-out mentality of psychedelic jams, and the infinite possibilities of an experimental outlook. They balance on the axis between simplicity and uncontrollable chaos; dance with the flowers of beauty and beasts of disgust. Hearing them live will truly take you to the Outer Stylie.!/details/Outer-Stylie-LIVE-at-Iron-Horse/2155589/2016-04-16T22


Mass Live

April 14, 2016


Your sound has everything from early 1960s garage psychedelia to prog rock to funk. Is it hard to manage keeping all those styles under one umbrella? Does it make a difference as far as getting gigs or marketing the band?


We are totally influenced by all those genres and although it's not hard blending them, it can be hard sometimes to find the right venues and acts to team up with. Still we've gotten a lot of love in the Pioneer Valley as well as the Northeast as a whole.


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